SDIL training courses  2022

Our programs categories at a glance


Marketing&Customer service Management(CPD certification option)

Fundamentals of Customer service&Communicating professionally in workplace

Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business

Leadership development (CPD certification option)

Team Alignment for Team leaders and Managers

Effective &Efficient management skills for managers

Problem solving and Strategic decision making

360 degrees Personal empowerment/Personal development for busy executives and Managers


Essentials of Business /Management Strategy in Workplace Retreat

Organizational Development Training for non HR Managers

Crisis& Communication Management Training

Developing  Competences for senior managersTraining

Entrepreneurship and Leadership skillsfor running a successful business

Essentials of Operational Risk Management

Leading with Resilience

Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Directors Development course

Personal development (CPD certification option)


SDIL Advanced Entrepreneurial course in a competitive economy .

Becoming a person of influence in workplace and relationships

Pre-Retirement Course – Managing a New Beginning/New Life

Effective negotiable skills for top executives and senior managers

360 degrees Personal Development and boosting productivity for Team Leaders/ Managers in workplace

Career development

Creativity unmask:Preparing students for the future in their choice career and how to excel in studies,Career/business and Life

Executive Development CPD certification option

Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective leadership skills in Managers at workplace

Advanced Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation

Acquiring Fundamental Life skills for strategic leadership in workplace

Transformational leadership and organizational change in work place

Human Capital Management (CPD certification option)


Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator

Upholding Ethics and Communicating efficiently professionally in workplace

Managing the workforce and maximizing performance in work place

Train the trainer course

Effective Change management in a workplace

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally   to maximize productivity

Business analysis /Process improvement/Program and Project management(CPD certification option)

Improving Business process management

Improving Business process improvement

Fundamentals of Business analysis

Business Process optimization

Intensive Total Quality management and cost reduction

Two day Project management(PMP)Essentials&Cost reduction for Team leaders& Managers

Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Managers (Two day

Project management Essentials for Team leaders & Managers

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

4 days Intensive Project Management, Business Analysis and Cost Reduction Course for Team Leaders and Managers

Occupational Health & Safety

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (IGC)for Supervisors,Managers

NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety-Uk

IOSH UK Managing Safely Course

First Aid, CPR and AED)

IT Risk&Compliance training

Disaster Management & Recovery Planning Course- UK

BCI accredited Introduction to Business-UK

BCI accredited Supply Chain Continuity Management Course- UK


BCI accredited Crisis and Incident Management -UK

Quality Management System QMS ISO 9001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course

Information Security Management System ISMS ISO 27001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course

Fundamentals of Risk Analysis and Management for Managers

Emergency Planning and Response Management course Uk

Information Security Management System ISMS ISO 27001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course

Analyzing Organizational Risk and Business Impact

Fundamentals of Quality management and cost reduction

Essentials for Digital marketing and strategy

Innovative Strategy for Winning new Business

Innovative Business Strategy for Managers& Senior Managers

Financial Management


Essentials of Financial Statement Analysis Course

Fundamentals of Corporate Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisition in workplace

Basic Financial Engineering /Derivatives Course

Intensive Finance training For Non-financial Managers

Strategic decision making in Cost Reduction & waste Management

Other International courses


BCI accredited Business Impact Analysis (2 days with exams)

Business Continuity Management Audit/Lead Auditors Course (5 Days) ISO 22301

Business Continuity Management System ISO 22301 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course

Information Security Management System ISMS ISO 27001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course

Process Safety Management Course

International Fire Safety & Risk Assessment Certificate

CIEH Health and Safety in the workplace levels 1

Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 2

Quality Management System QMS ISO 9001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course

Register for an prestigious MBA with EU Business School and graduate  in Barcelona, Geneva or Munich 

Today’s employers are on the lookout for MBA candidates who have international exposure and can succeed in the global business world.

At EU, we offer a wide range of specializations which encompass the latest business theories and disciplines to ensure our students are up to date with company needs·

Available for MBA Degrees. Please see below :

MBA International Business

·MBA Communication & Public Relations

·MBA International Marketing

·MBA Global Banking & Finance

·MBA Leisure & Tourism Management

·MBA Entrepreneurship

·MBA Digital Business

·MBA Sports Management

·MBA Human Resources Management

·MBA Design Management

Scholarships available for outstanding students

Locations: Geneva Campus, Barcelona Campus, Montreux, Munich Campus or Online





Effective Customer service&Communicating professionally in workplace

Date : Jan 18th

Course fee:N40,000

Effective Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life Date : Jan 21th

Course fee:N40,000

Two day Project management(PMP)Essentials&Cost Reduction for Team leaders& Managers Date : Jan 24th &Jan 25th

Course fee:N62,500 

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : Jan 25th

Course fee:N40,000 

Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Date :Jan 27th &Jan28th

Course fee:N62,500



Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator Date : Feb 4th

Course fee:N38,000 

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : Feb 10th

Course fee:N38,000

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace. Date :  Feb 17th &   Feb 18th


Course fee:N62,500

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : - Feb 15th

Course fee:N40,000 

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : Feb 22nd

Course fee:N38,000

Building Emotional Intelligence&Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace Date : Feb 25th

Course fee:N38,000

Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Date : Feb 25th and Feb26th

Course fee:N62,500




Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator Date : March 3th

Course fee:N38,500 


Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : March 7th

Course fee:N38,500

Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation Date : March 9th

Course fee:N40,000 CPD certification option

Total Quality management (TQM) and Cost reduction Date : March 14th &March 15th

Course fee:N62,500

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : March 16th

Course fee:N35,000

Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace Date : March 21th

Course fee:N38,500

Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Team leaders &Managers Date : March 22th&March 23th

Course fee:N62,500

Effective Change management in a workplace Essentials of Business /Management Strategy in Workplace Retreat

Date : March 29th&March 30th

Course fee:N62,500




Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

Date : April 4th&April 5th Course fee:N62,500

Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation 

Date : April 15th

Course fee:N40,000

 Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Date : April  18th and April 19th

Course fee:N62,500

Fundamentals of Customer service&Communicating professionally in workplace

Date : April 20th Course fee:N35,000

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making

Date : April 21th

Course fee:N40,000

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : April 25th

Course fee:N35,000





Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation Date : May4th

Course fee:N40,000 

Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life Date : May 11th

Course fee:N35,000 

Two day Intensive Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Team Leaders&;Managers

Date : May16th&May 17th Course fee:N62,500

 Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Date : May 18th and May19th

Course fee:N62,500

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : May23th


Course fee:N35,000

Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : May24th

Course fee:N38,500

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : May 26th

Course fee:N38,500

Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace

Date : May 31 th Course fee:N38,500

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace. Date : May30th&May 31st

Course fee:N62,500




Two day Quality management and cost reduction 

Date : June 1th &June 2th

Course fee:N62,500

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace. Date :June 7th&June 8th

Course fee:N63,000

Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation Date : June 10th

Course fee:N40,000 


Essentials of Operational Risk Management

Date : June 15th and June 16th

Course fee:N62,500

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : June 21th

Course fee:N38,500 

Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace Date : June 22th

Course fee:N38,500

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : June 28th

Course fee:N38,500

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : June 29th

Course fee:N35,000


Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

Date : July 5th&July 6th Course fee:N62,500

Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Date : July 6th and July 7th

Course fee:N62,500

Train the Trainer Course Date :July12th&July13

Course fee:N62,500

Effective Negotiable skills for Top executives and Senior managers Date : July 19th

Course fee:N45,000 

Two day Intensive Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Team Leaders&;Managers

Date : July22th&July23th Course fee:N65,000

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : July 27th

Course fee:N38,500

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : July 30th

Course fee:N38000






Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator Date : August 3

Course fee:N40,000 

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

Date :August 9th&August 10th

Course fee:N62,500

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : August 10th

Course fee:N38,500

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : August 15th

Course fee:N38,500

Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace Date : August 17th

Course fee:N40,000

Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life Date : August 24th

Course fee:N35,000 

Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Date : Aug 30th and Aug31th

Course fee:N62,500




Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : Sept 5th

Course fee:N38,500

Essentials of Strategic management& Leadership course for Managers

Date : Sept 8th and Sep9 th

Course fee:N62,500


Two day Intensive Quality Management and cost reduction Date : Sept 14th&Sept 15th

Course fee:N70,000 

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : Sept 20th

Course fee:N38,500 

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : Sept 21th

Course fee:N40,000

Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation


Date : Sept 28th Course fee:N40,000 

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : Sept 30th

Course fee:N35,000


Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

Date : Oct 4th&0ct 5th Course fee:N62,500 

Potent Team Alignment/Building for Team Executive /Managers and leaders Date : Oct 10th

Course fee:N40,000 

Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life Date : Oct 11th

Course fee:N35,000

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : Oct 14th

Course fee:N40,000

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity 

Date : Oct 19th

Course fee:N38,500

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : Oct 20th

Course fee:N40,000

Two day  Total Quality management and cost reduction


Date : Oct20st &Oct 21rd Course fee:N70,000

Effective Change management in a workplace Date : Oct 27th&0ct 28th

Course fee:N70,000




Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator Date : Nov 3th

Course fee:N42,500 

Upholding Ethics and Communicating efficiently professionally in the workplace Date : Nov9th

Course fee:N38,500

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace. Date : Nov16th&Nov 17th

Course fee:N62,500

Two day Intensive Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Team Leaders&Managers

Date : Nov 22th&Nov23th Course fee:N75,000

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : Nov 25th

Course fee:N35,000

Train the Trainer Course Date :Nov 29th&Nov30th Course fee:N70,000


Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace. Date : Dec5th& Dec6th

Course fee:N65,000 

Upholding Ethics and Communicating efficiently professionally in the workplace Date : Dec 7th

Course fee:N38,500

Effective Change management in a workplace Date : Dec 12th&Dec13th

Course fee:N70,000

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : Dec 15th

Course fee:N38,500

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making 

Date : Dec 16th 

Course fee:N40,000



Highlights/ Benefits

· Early bird registration up to 20 percent off

· Certificate of completion

· Classrooms fully equipped with AC. (Optional)

· Breakfast/Lunch Served

· Access to Advanced Accounting software to enhance productivity

· Access to Advanced HR software to optimize performance in workplace

· Access to digitization of your business

· Discount on Business Performance Auditing on your company’s Processes, People and Technology

· Up to 20 percent discount on our Recruitment exercise and training courses.

We will happy to help in your recruitment exercise ,improve your business processes ,Business modelling, work on your HR /Business strategy in order to reduce cost , improve sales and optimize performance in workplace .

Take advantage of our International Executive and leadership training with our partner Business schools in Spain , Geneva , Germany and U.K