SDIL training courses 2021

SDIL training courses  2021

Our programs categories at a glance

Marketing& Customer service Management(

Fundamentals of Customer service&Communicating professionally in workplace

Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business

Leadership development 

Team Alignment for Team leaders and Managers

Effective &Efficient management skills for managers

Problem solving and Strategic decision making

360 degrees Personal empowerment/Personal development for busy executives and Managers

Effective presentation skills and training for Busy executives and Managers.

Effective Time and Stress management

Essentials of Management Strategy in Workplace Retreat

Fundamentals of Business Acumen and Finance

Organizational Development Training for non HR Managers

Personal development 

SDIL Advanced Entrepreneurial course in a competitive economy .

Becoming a person of influence in workplace and relationships

Pre-Retirement Course – Managing a New Beginning/New Life

Effective negotiable skills for top executives and senior managers

360 degrees Personal Development and boosting productivity for Team Leaders/ Managers in workplace

Career development

Creativity unmask: Preparing students for the future in their choice career and how to excel in studies,Career/business and Life

Executive Development CPD certification option

Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective leadership skills in Managers at workplace

Advanced Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation

Acquiring Fundamental Life skills for strategic leadership in workplace

Transformational leadership and organizational change in work place

Human Capital Management 

Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator

Upholding Ethics and Communicating efficiently professionally in workplace

Managing the workforce and maximizing performance in work place

Train the trainer course

Effective Change management in a workplace

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally   to maximize productivity

Business analysis /Process improvement/Program and Project management

Improving Business process management

Improving Business process improvement

Fundamentals of Business analysis

Business Process optimization

Fundamentals of Total Quality management and cost reduction

Two day Project management(PMP)Essentials&Cost reduction for Team leaders& Managers

Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Managers (Two day

Project management Essentials for Team leaders & Managers

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

IT Risk&Compliance training

Analyzing Organizational Risk and Business Impact

Fundamentals of Quality management and cost reduction


Essentials for Digital marketing and strategy

Innovative Strategy for Winning new Business

Innovative Business Strategy for Managers& Senior Managers

Financial Management

Essentials of Financial Statement Analysis Course

Fundamentals of Corporate Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisition in workplace

Basic Financial Engineering /Derivatives Course

Intensive Finance training For Non-financial Managers

Strategic decision making in Cost Reduction & waste Management


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Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator Date : August 3

Course fee:N45,000 CPD certification option

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

Date :August 6th&August 7th

Course fee:N60,000

Available online :N47,500 promo 

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : August 10th

Course fee:N45,000

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : August 13th

Course fee:N40,000

Available online :N47,500 promo 

Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace Date : August 17th

Course fee:N40,000

Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life Date : August 24th

Course fee:N40,000 CPD certification option

Effective Potent Leadership &Efficient Management skills for Managers Date : Aug 30th and aug31th

Course fee:N60,000




Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : Sept 3th

Course fee:N45,000

Effective Potent Leadership &Efficient Management skills for Managers Date : Sept 8th and Sep9 th

Course fee:N60,000


Two day Intensive Quality Management and cost reduction Date : Sept 14th&Sept 15th

Course fee:N80,000 

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : Sept 17th

Course fee:N40,000 

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : Sept 21th

Course fee:N45,000

Effective presentation skills and training for Busy executives and Managers. Date : Sept 24th

Course fee:N45,000 CPD certification option

Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation


Date : Sept 28th Course fee:N45,000 CPD certification option

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : Sept 30th

Course fee:N45,000


Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

Date : Oct 4th&0ct 5th Course fee:N60,000 

Available online :N47,500 promo 

Potent Team Alignment/Building for Team Executive /Managers and leaders Date : Oct 8th

Course fee:N40,000 CPD certification option

Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life Date : Oct 11th

Course fee:N30,000

Advanced Problem solving and Strategic decision making Date : Oct 15th

Course fee:N40,000

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity 

Date : Oct 19th

Course fee:N45,000

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : Oct 20th

Course fee:N45,000


Two day  total Quality management and cost reduction


Date : Oct21st &Oct 22rd Course fee:N70,000

Effective presentation skills and training for Busy executives and Managers. Date : Oct 25th

Course fee:N35,000 CPD certification option

Effective Change management in a workplace Date : Oct 27th&0ct 28th 





Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator Date : Nov 5th

Course fee:N45,000 

Upholding Ethics and Communicating efficiently professionally in the workplace Date : Nov9th

Course fee:N40,000

Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace. Date : Nov16th&Nov 17th

Course fee:N65,000

Available online :N47,500 promo Two day Intensive Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Team Leaders&;Managers

Date : Nov 19th&Nov20th Course fee:N85,000

Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business Date : Nov 25th

Course fee:N35,000

Train the Trainer Course Outline Date :Nov 26th&Nov27th Course fee:N85,000


Two day Project Management course( PMP) for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace. Date : Dec3th& Dec4th

Course fee:N65,000 

Upholding Ethics and Communicating efficiently professionally in the workplace Date : Dec 7th

Course fee:N45,000

Effective Change management in a workplace Date : Dec 10th&Dec11th

Course fee:N75,000

Strategic Marketing for Winning New business Date : Dec 15th

Course fee:N45,000

Potent Team Alignment for Team executives/Managers and Leaders

Highlights/ Benefits

ü Early bird registration up to 20 percent off ü Certificate of completion

ü Classrooms fully equipped with AC. (Optional ) ü Breakfast/Lunch Served

ü Certified and experienced trainers

ü Online media /PR presence in strategic social networks for up to two weeks .

ü Free Advert placement of company’s product/services in the newspapers based on volume

ü Discount on Business Performance Auditing on your company’s Processes ,People and Technology ü Free consultancy on Investment opportunities in properties

ü Up to 20 percent discount on our Recruitment exercise and training courses

ü Free training on maximizing productivity in workplace after we had two Recruitment exercises or two SDIL trainings with your Company.