Life /Career coaching .

Are you due for a promotion at Work,a Better job or Career change yet no positive result…We can help?

Are you unhappy on your job? Have you been on the same salary for a while ?
You may need to answer this questions to discover whether you really due for a promotion at work ,a better job or Career change:
üYou are long overdue for salary increment
üYou're Not Getting Promotion Or Advancing In Your Career
üYou do not have Career Goals
üYou are scared about The Future
üYou Don't Know What To Do With Your Life
üYou do not love the Job.It's strictly for the salary&the salary is poor
üYou Feel Like You Have Too Many Interests or not interests at all
üYou've Been Unemployed For Too Long
üYou need to learn to write a powerful resume and be outstanding in interviews

üYou Need Help in getting A New Job

Whether you have worked for 3 months or 20 years . A Career transition or change must be made to move you to the next level of Career advancement, better job, better salary to the point of pre retirement or even starting a new business if desired.

A Life /Career Coach will help you move forward in your Career advancement or Business .We help individuals identify and tackle obstacles on your path to being promoted at work,obtaining a better job,a Career change or even diving into business and improving your relationships .

We also guide individuals through a transition, such as finding a new career,or starting a new business

Job opportunities also available
We have been privileged to have trained and recruited from the lowest cadre of Drivers to Managing Directors in different industries /sectors

Take advantage of Career coaching on studying abroad (optional) , scholarships and available opportunities